Amazing Beauty Benefits of Avocado

You will find that we mostly like using avocados for making guacamole and even chocolate mousse but are you aware that consuming avocado gives you strong nails and supple skin. The other fantastic thing is you may apple this sweet fruit on your hair and face. For you to know all the beauty benefits of avocado, below are few tips listed on how you can use it daily for your beauty.

Make Skin Smooth and Soft

avocado hair foodAvocado has oleic acid, vitamin E, and critical fatty acids, which make your skin soft and smooth when eaten. It will soften your skin too when you apply it.

You can make avocado puree and use it as a mask for your skin and the rest of your body before taking a bath. You will be amazed the way your skin will become smooth and soft.

Wrinkle Free Skin

Eating avocado on a regular basis will reduce the amount wrinkles that you may get in future, and it will supple your skin. The reason is that avocados contain vitamin which is a potent antioxidant that protects you from premature aging. It also has vitamin C that aids in the production of collagen which keeps your skin taut and elastic making you look attractive.

Repairs Dry Damaged Hair

If too much sun and heat tools have damaged your hair, you can use avocado to restore your hair naturally. It will moisturize your hair instantly by covering it with a layer that will protect it and prevent the hair from getting dry. It also has nutrients that repair damaged cells in your hair and bring it back to life. Apply avocado mask twice a week to regain your hair again.

Calms Painful and Red Acne

Avocado is also suitable for calming painful and red acne. If you have acne that is painful on your cheeks, make an avocado puree and apply it to them. It will help soothe the inflammation, getting rid of the pain and that redness from severe acne.

Treats Sunburn

avocado maskYou can soothe your sunburn by slowly applying some avocado puree on the affected area. It will help repair your affected skin, cool down the pain and redness and even speed up the healing. Consuming avocados will not only cure your sunburned skin from outside but also from inside.

Nail Treatment

You can use avocado for the treatment of peeling cuticles and dry, weak nails. Rub your avocado puree on your cuticles and nails, then leave it for ten minutes then wash it and moisturize it by applying some Shea butter.