Amazing Beauty Benefits of Avocado

You will find that we mostly like using avocados for making guacamole and even chocolate mousse but are you aware that consuming avocado gives you strong nails and supple skin. The other fantastic thing is you may apple this sweet fruit on your hair and face. For you to know all the beauty benefits of avocado, below are few tips listed on how you can use it daily for your beauty.

Make Skin Smooth and Soft

avocado hair foodAvocado has oleic acid, vitamin E, and critical fatty acids, which make your skin soft and smooth when eaten. It will soften your skin too when you apply it.

You can make avocado puree and use it as a mask for your skin and the rest of your body before taking a bath. You will be amazed the way your skin will become smooth and soft.

Wrinkle Free Skin

Eating avocado on a regular basis will reduce the amount wrinkles that you may get in future, and it will supple your skin. The reason is that avocados contain vitamin which is a potent antioxidant that protects you from premature aging. It also has vitamin C that aids in the production of collagen which keeps your skin taut and elastic making you look attractive.

Repairs Dry Damaged Hair

If too much sun and heat tools have damaged your hair, you can use avocado to restore your hair naturally. It will moisturize your hair instantly by covering it with a layer that will protect it and prevent the hair from getting dry. It also has nutrients that repair damaged cells in your hair and bring it back to life. Apply avocado mask twice a week to regain your hair again.

Calms Painful and Red Acne

Avocado is also suitable for calming painful and red acne. If you have acne that is painful on your cheeks, make an avocado puree and apply it to them. It will help soothe the inflammation, getting rid of the pain and that redness from severe acne.

Treats Sunburn

avocado maskYou can soothe your sunburn by slowly applying some avocado puree on the affected area. It will help repair your affected skin, cool down the pain and redness and even speed up the healing. Consuming avocados will not only cure your sunburned skin from outside but also from inside.

Nail Treatment

You can use avocado for the treatment of peeling cuticles and dry, weak nails. Rub your avocado puree on your cuticles and nails, then leave it for ten minutes then wash it and moisturize it by applying some Shea butter.

How to manage anorexia

Insecurity about physical appearance is something that is very common mostly among the teenagers. Unsurprisingly enough, some adults also carry this baggage of anorexia to their adult life. They look in the mirror and are not quite satisfied with how they look.

There is more to it than just insecurity; this is called full-blown anorexia. It is an eating disorder that not too many people are able to handle. Ladies happen to be among the most affected by anorexia and its effects. On the bright side, anorexia is very manageable. Here are some effective ways to manage anorexia.

Change your mindset

womanBelieve it or not, anorexia stems from the image you have of yourself mentally. You may think lowly of yourself when in real sense, you are perfect. Learn to see yourself from a positive and perfect pair of eyes.

This will help you appreciate yourself as you are instead of looking down on yourself. It is no easy task especially when you keep comparing yourself to others. Consider yourself a unique being whose standards are unmatched.
Embracing these foundational truths and qualities about yourself will make all the difference. Before you know it, you will kick anorexia out through your window for good.

Stay away from negative energy

You don’t need people around you telling you how unfit you are for a particular purpose. You only need to surround yourself with people who will bring out the best in you. Positive energy will always push you to do and be your level best. It is not enough that you listen to the voices in your head.

Find a group of people with good vibes to hang out with. With time, it will surprise you what it can do to your personal view of yourself. You have been feeding your mind with negative input for the better part of your life. It is about time for things to change and be done a bit differently.

Surprise yourself

There is that one meal or snack you can not get enough of. Since you have only one life to live, be wise about how you live it. Don’t deprive yourself of all the good things you are entitled to thinking your insecurities will go away if you do. This is a lie from the bottomless pit. Ignore them.

Indulge your senses in all the sweet smelling fragrances and meals. This is the time to build your self-confidence and pick up the broken pieces of your life. Anorexia should not be in control of your life, you should.

Go shopping and buy those clothes you thought would not look good on you. Walk past the mirrors and reflections and tell them how beautiful they look.


Love yourself

When you learn to love yourself, you will see beyond the imperfections of anorexia. Quit blaming yourself for something that is not your fault. Instead, do what is required of you and see the positive change it will bring.
Love everything about yourself and shun all negative voices telling you that you won’t amount to anything. Love is stronger even than anorexia itself.

Useful tips for using anal bleaching creams

So you are aiming to achieve a body figure that is just perfect for the beach. You were successful in attaining your weight loss goals, and now you are ready to show off that sexy body that you have worked so hard for. But wait a minute, have you checked your skin color lately, particularly that of your butt? Don’t you know that you can actually get rid of those dark pigmentations using anal bleaching creams?

The use of anal whitening creams

using anal bleaching creamsMost people have dark spots in their intimate areas. A lot of them don’t care at all because those parts of the body are hidden. But wouldn’t it be great if you have flawless skin?

Contrary to the assumptions of some individuals, using anal bleaching creams is not only for strippers, models, and other adult performers. It is not only for women either. The truth is, males and females can benefit a lot from utilizing such products. Aside from boosting your confidence about yourself, you will also enjoy its health benefits as you would feel a lot cleaner down there.

Here are a few useful tips on using anal bleaching creams safely and effectively.

Consult a dermatologist

With the various anal creams that you can find in the retail stores and online shops nowadays, it could be difficult to find one that is best for you. It would be great if you visit a dermatologist as he or she can check your skin condition first before you expose your anus to a whitening product.

With the help of a professional, you will be able to identify a brand of cream that is mild enough for the skin type that you have. Take note that some bleaching products may contain chemicals that can affect not only your skin surface, but also your overall health.

Gather more information about the contents

In order for you to determine the effectiveness and safety of a certain brand, you need to seek more details about the substances that it contain. Are they safe? Are there harmful side effects of using anal bleaching creams? You can always go online and do research.

Follow the directions

using anal bleaching creamsWhen you are using anal bleaching creams at home, it is crucial that you read the instructions that come with the whitening kit. If you are unsure about the procedure, you can contact the manufacturer, or you can also seek the advice of a doctor.

Treating Depression With Magic Mushrooms?

Treating depression in the Netherlands

[themify_box style=”light-yellow rounded” ]Depression is one of the worst disorders you can have, due to many side effects that are provoked during the depression period. Treating depression can be performed in a various ways – where some of them are traditional and some are not. But when it comes to treating depression in the Netherlands, they have a completely different approach.[/themify_box]

Psilocybin and THC as a cure for depression

While countries of Europe have not, throughout history, had that much exposure to psychoactive substances and hallucinogenic plants, some of them have embraced the culture of moderate, recreational use of these, in most other regions of the world, legally forbidden substances which include cannabis and “magic” mushrooms or psilocybin mushrooms.

Europe and mushrooms

While countries of Europe have not, throughout history, had that much exposure to psychoactive substances and hallucinogenic plants, some of them have embraced the culture of moderate, recreational use of these, in most other regions of the world, legally forbidden substances which include cannabis and “magic” mushrooms or psilocybin mushrooms.

Traditions of The Netherlands

mushroomsThe Netherlands is the most prominent and well-known country out of the handful of nations in the world to legalize limited cannabis and psilocybin mushrooms consumption, even though these are not plants traditionally found in Europe but in other continents like Asia and America.  Here the tradition of smoking marijuana, making “space cakes” and consuming magic mushrooms or “shrooms” has grown over the last few decades.

Smoke it in North Holland

The habit of consuming substances like these has spread across the continent, but it remains most prominent in the region of North Holland, mostly in bigger cities of the region.  They are popular mostly among young people, who consume these substances mostly as recreational drugs. However, there are certain effects of substances like magic mushrooms which can have positive effects in curing certain mental conditions, like depression.


Amsterdam cure?

A group of scientists, working on discovering positive effects of magic mushroom in medicinal use, based in Amsterdam, has a new, maybe a controversial theory – that “magic mushrooms” present a cure for depression. In the last study on the effects of psychedelic mushrooms components, it was found that about half of the respondents managed to resolve the symptoms of mental disorder and that occurred after only three months of use of psilocybin mushrooms. Colleague scientist has conflicting opinions: some considers that this is a great discovery, other dismiss the results completely and negate any healing effects of psilocybin.

The study has shown that as much as half of the test subjects went into remission in a week and stayed in remission for the following three months. As one of the scientists included in the research pointed out: “Maybe this is a new era in the treatment of depression. Maybe it’s just a powerful placebo…  But let’s not be so pessimistic.”  Interestingly enough, many of the participants come from the Red Light district of Amsterdam, where the use of psilocybin mushrooms is common among young professionals, which are especially prone to modern age psychological problems, including depression.


Depression comes as a price of long working hours, societal and parental pressure for success, alienation from family and friends and many other causes connected with a modern and fast lifestyle. It can pose a serious threat not only to the life of the person affected but to the society as a whole.

[themify_quote]For now, the whole study is but work in progress, and it will take more time, effort and money to definitively prove the positive effects of “shrooms” in the treatment of depression. It remains to be seen whether psilocybin containing plants like magic mushrooms have the potential to be accepted as a legal remedy for depression.[/themify_quote]

How To Beat Cancer With Cannabis Oil?

Can cannabis oil really cure cancer?

Although we still don’t know the cause of cancer we must admit that nutrition has a significant role in our life, especially when we are talking about our health. Eating healthy food means a lot in the “war on cancer”. More and more doctors around Europe recommend you to change your nutrition completely if you want to fight against cancer properly.

Across the Europe people claim that eating healthy food can help us in the “war on cancer”

This way you will certainly improve the quality and the quantity of your life. This way you will succeed to recover your body completely and prepare it for the fight. In Europe, every third woman dies from cancer. This number is terrifying, and it is going to be worse unless doctors find the real cause.

[themify_box style=”red shadow” ]

It has a significant impact on the society because the number of diagnosed with cancer is increasing rapidly. In this year (2016) there are an estimated about 1 million new cases of cancer.[/themify_box] The most common is definitely the breast cancer among women. People around the world are desperate and there are trying to find the cure in every single way. Some doctors claim that the cure for the cancer is in the food.

Cannabis Oil

If we reduce our nutrition and improve it with healthier ingredients we will be surprised how rapidly our body can be recovered.

How doctors from Netherlands use Cannabis Oil to kill cancer cells?

Cannabis OilIn the Netherlands more and more people are consuming Cannabis Oil to kill the cancer cells. Some doctors say that CBD (active compound of THC) is the best ingredient in the fight against cancer. Namely, the process is more than simple. The CBD is good because it is the one in whose presence a normal healthy cell does not produce ceramide.  This way we will make the cancer cells die because little shifts in the mitochondria. Thanks to mitochondria, a human body gets energy for cell use. Thus, more and more people claim that the CBD is the one that  can help the human body to fight against cancer in the most natural possible way. The Cannabis Oil can help you to make your body gradually become stronger and more resistant.

Ginger as the best aliment in building of a human immune system

Besides this magical oil, there are others things that aren’t treated as a medicine but they certainly can make a human body stronger – that is perhaps the most important thing when it comes to the “war on cancer”, especially if the patient intends to choose a chemo as a sort of the fighting weapon. It is well-known that chemo is equally harmful and that some bodies are not strong enough to bear it.

Cannabis Oil

[themify_box style=”green rounded” ]Therefore, the patient has to prepare its body before taking a chemo. As the most famous antioxidant plant, ginger is number one in the world. Besides its therapeutic properties, it is well-known by its direct inflammatory effect, it is full of vitamin C, that is very important for your immune system.